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about masala dosa and its food

Masala Dosa was created in 2006 by Amit Raz. 

In 2016, the restaurant was purchased by South African novelist, Damon Galgut, who partnered with Riyaz Mir to both continue and build on the restaurant's reputation for affordable, tasty, healthy, and authentic Indian culinary specialties.

The staple elements on Masala Dosa's menu are dosas and thalis, both long-established favourites in Indian cuisine.  Dosas originated in Udupi in south-west India, but by now have become popular all over the country – and further afield as well!  Our original recipes were researched in Udupi and the flavours then reincarnated for a local context.


There are regional variations in how dosas are prepared, but we make ours from rice flour, fermented slightly overnight, and then cooked on a special hot plate.  The result is close to what Westerners think of as a crêpe – a light, crispy pancake, eaten with different fillings and condiments.  Originally a breakfast food, they can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


For those who’re hungry, a thali may be a better option.  The name actually refers to the round metal plate on which it’s served, but the concept of thali is that the six different tastes of sweet, salt, sour, bitter, astringent and spicy should be combined in one offering.  Along with rice and puri (puffy Indian bread), you’ll get little bowls that tickle your tongue with this variety of flavours.


As with most Indian foods, thalis and dosas are best eaten with your hands. The philosophy is that food should be experienced as textures and temperatures,  not just as tastes.  We like it if you eat with your fingers..!

riyaz mir and damon galgut

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