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Ever wanted to try your hand whipping up delicious, authentic Indian culinary specialties?  Trying to understand the ins, outs, and delights of aromatic spices? Riyaz Mir, inspirational chef and former owner of Masala Dosa restaurant will guide you through the joys of Indian cooking, demystify the techniques, and inspire you to explore the sensory abundance of exotic herbs and spices.  Cooking with Riyaz is sure to expand your culinary horizons! If you’re in Cape Town, you can book a (safe and socially distanced) class in person, but if you’re further afield and wanting to learn from home, he’ll be offering online classes too. Simply sign up and Riyaz will take you through all the steps, so that you have a meal ready for your family or partner at the end of it!


You’ll start by learning about the Indian spices, their uses and how to grind and combine them for the flavours that you want. Next you’ll prepare three dishes from first slice to last taste. And he’ll teach you to make chai (Indian tea) too! Nothing beats the joy of cooking with friends, and there isn’t a better way to meet new people either.

For pricing, availability, and schedule, contact Riyaz on WhatsApp (082-665-5345), use the form on this page, or send us an email!

discover the joys of authentic indian cooking!

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The fragrance in the air was incredible and we were chomping at the bit to tuck into the most delicious and scrumptious food. I cannot recommend a better way to spend a morning.

                                                                        margolite williams

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